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Virginia Tech – Theta Delta Chapter – Sweetheart Spotlight (Virginia Tech 20180213)
Submitted by: Thomas De Angelus Jr.
Feb 13, 2018
"ATO Sweetheart Spotlight" is a new initiative to put on display how integral a part our sweethearts all are to our fraternity's success at the Theta Delta Chapter of Virginia Tech. A sweetheart is a girl who the entire fraternity sees and holds just as important as a brother for their contributions to the chapter as a whole. The first ATO Sweetheart Spotlight features our Sophia Cady. Sophia was introduced to the fraternity freshman year when she met Brother Bryer Palmer. She stated how she began hanging out with everyone, and thought the fraternity was so genuine and funny. After recognizing that she knew "I wanted to be friends with all of them". Sophia became a sweetheart the fall semester of her junior year. Her favorite memory is "The brotherhood dinner when I got sweetheart" she added. In terms of contributions, Sophia had this to say "I contribute by being there for everyone and helping out whenever they need something". Whether that is giving advice or cleaning up an event, Sophia is always there for the Theta Delta Chapter. Sophia mentioned the significance of being a sweetheart by saying "It means a lot to be a sweetheart. I never had very many guy friends in high school but now I have so many guys that I could go to whenever I need. I love being a part of such an amazing group of guys and I love how they always make me laugh and are like big brothers to me.".