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11 September 1865, 2001, 2017 (Birmingham Southern 20170911)
Submitted by: Van Looney
Sep 12, 2017
September 11th means a lot to many different people. For many this means bringing the US together after a terrible tragedy. On this day in 1865, that's what 3 men had in mind after the end of the Civil War. They thought about the future and wanted to bind men together in a brotherhood based on eternal and immutable principles. After another tragedy in 2001 many people all across our nation came together to be one and to show that we would not back down and we would stand as one. Today, we still have many issues going on in the world and in our country. Let's stop hating and love. Help your fellow man. And never give in to adversity. Happy founders day from the longest continuous Alpha Tau Omega Chapter: Beta-Beta #ruhrah #happyfoundersday