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Board of Trustees and New Member Dinner (Alabama 20180905)
Submitted by: Daniel Propp
Sep 5, 2018
On August 21st, 2018, the Beta Delta Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega put on a very special dinner for our board of trustees, seniors, and new members. The night was an unique and special experience which allowed for new members to meet both our board members as well as seniors who were able to share advice and pass down wisdom. Board members, Walter Monroe and Barry Burns offered valuable advice to our rising new members and our president, Matthew Tedford briefly spoke on what this brotherhood has meant to him. This dinner was organized to help connect freshman with older men in the fraternity who could help guide them and offer support as they transition from high schools across the country to The University of Alabama. The night was a big success and we plan on rooting this event into our chapter’s traditions!