What is ATOLeads?
ATOLeads is our video and blog series that highlights the lives impacted by our organization. If you or someone you know has been positively affected by ATO or by its members, email us about it. In the subject line, please include "ATOLeads" and something about your story for consideration.
Video Features
  • Tau Tug 2018: University of Georgia - Georgia
    On April 14th, the Alpha Tau Omega Chapter on the University of Georgia Campus opened their yard to the 7th annual Tau Tug. The event featured a mud filled pit, a rope, and seven hundred people to pull on it. Teams of fifteen competed in bracket style competition for the Tau Tug Championship. Each team had to pay an entrance fee to participate, and of the proceeds went to the... Read More

  • Tau Cuts 2018: Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green State
    The men of the Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Bowling Green State held their annual philanthropy event called Tau Cuts on March 13, 2018. The men of the chapter, along with men and women from other organizations auctioned off their hair to the highest bidder. The individual who one the auction could then cut and dye their hair how ever they wanted. 

    The new hair style was... Read More

  • Walks Hard 2018: Grand Valley State University - Grand Valley State
    ATO Walks Hard is a one hundred and sixty mile, eight day walk from Traverse City, Michigan, to the Allendale Campus of Grand Valley State University.

    Twenty men from the Grand Valley State Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity gave up their spring break to raise funds and awareness for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    This is their sixth year doing the... Read More

Blog Features
  • Cade-Johnson
    From Cancer Survivor to Cancer Researcher

    By Cade Johnson, Lamar '15

    When I was eleven, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. I battled for several years before my chemotherapy regimen ended, and I still go back once a year for checkups.

    After I finished chemotherapy, I didn’t want to see the inside of a hospital again unless I absolutely had to. I hated cancer for the things it... Read More

  • andrew-cain
    More Than Martial Arts

    By Andrew Cain, North Texas '15

    I volunteer as the coordinator for a national competitive demonstration team where I see tremendous growth in confidence and skill level of each individual on the team. I dedicate time during the week during which I choreograph routines, cut music, and schedule performances for the team all in preparation for their national competition. Each Sunday I open the school to them where we practice... Read More

  • alex-garcia
    Building Leaders

    By Alex Pena-Garcia, Auburn '13

    I’ve had incredible opportunities to be involved with many organizations throughout my time at Auburn University, but there are two that have specifically impacted me the most — serving as president of the Freshman Leadership Program and volunteering in the Cancer Center at the East Alabama Medical Center. 

    FLP is an organization comprised of an executive staff and nine groups. Each group has... Read More