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  • Tau Tug 2018: University of Georgia - Georgia
    On April 14th, the Alpha Tau Omega Chapter on the University of Georgia Campus opened their yard to the 7th annual Tau Tug. The event featured a mud filled pit, a rope, and seven hundred people to pull on it. Teams of fifteen competed in bracket style competition for the Tau Tug Championship. Each team had to pay an entrance fee to participate, and of the proceeds went to the... Read More

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  • Cade-Johnson
    From Cancer Survivor to Cancer Researcher

    By Cade Johnson, Lamar '15

    When I was eleven, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. I battled for several years before my chemotherapy regimen ended, and I still go back once a year for checkups.

    After I finished chemotherapy, I didn’t want to see the inside of a hospital again unless I absolutely had to. I hated cancer for the things it... Read More

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Caroline Bonnes was first introduced to our fraternity when she began dating Brother Chris Koscho. Both are from the same hometown and Chris introduced her to his friends in the fraternity during her first semester at Virginia Tech. Chris left to study abroad in Germany the following semester, but Caroline still found herself spending a lot of time with the brothers in ATO, and met some of her closest friends. She became a sweetheart last year, during the fall semester of her sophomore year. Some of her most memorable experiences are from events like Mountain Weekend and Spring Break. One... Read More
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This past week, New Member Harrison Carter held a town hall assembly on BGSU's campus to inform students on voter data from our campus. He works with the Center for Civic and Community Engagement and is the team lead for BGSU Votes. He exemplifies amazing leadership qualities on our campus and is a role model in our chapter. Keep up the good work Harrison! Read More
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On October 6th, we held our annual brotherhood retreat and welcomed over thirty new members into our chapter. We spent the day in workshops and spending time together playing yard games. After the day had finished, we gathered in one room and took part in an in-depth Good of the Order so that we could get closer as brothers. The rest of the night we spent hanging out and embracing our new brothers. Read More
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