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  • Episode 1: Pomp 4 Purpose - Oklahoma State
    Welcome to one of the most exciting homecoming celebrations in the nation - Oklahoma State.

    Each year during homecoming; fraternities, sororities and campus organizations pair together to build enormous house decorations. They begin planning and designing months in advance, and then thousands of hours are dedicated to rolling up pieces of tissue paper to create the designs - a process known as “pomping”. This year, the Epsilon... Read More

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  • doug-donnan
    Supporting Kids: Activity Day

    By Doug Donnan, Cincinnati '13

    The Delta Lambda chapter has always been passionate about benefitting kids through various charity works, but we never had a consistent signature event. As Philanthropy Chairman my freshman year, it was my goal to connect our chapter’s passion for supporting kids with our interest in athletics into a sustainable Signature Event. After months of brainstorming, the concept of Activity Day was born and Delta Lambda has... Read More

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On February 10th, Alpha Zeta formally invited 5 new members to the Alpha Zeta chapter. They received their big brothers who will mentor them and guide them in the ATO brotherhood. Congratulations to our new members. Read More
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Congratulations to Beta Delta brother Zachary Lyles on being named President Elect to one of the most prestigious organizations on campus, University Stewards. We are so excited to see what he accomplishes in the position, and we know he will make a huge difference in the organization. Congrats Zach! Read More
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A bit late on the post, but on December 12th, the Alpha Tau Omega - Theta Psi Chapter at Stetson was rechartered! It was such great experience for all of us, especially those of our alumni who came back for initiation, to finally initiate into full membership. It was also wonderful having National Board of Directors members, such as CEO, Wynn Smiley, and Chaplain, Comforted Keen, as well as several of our older alumni in attendance. We are very proud to have re-chartered and look forward to continued growth and success in the coming years. Ruh! Rah! Rega! Love &... Read More
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