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  • Tau Tug 2018: University of Georgia - Georgia
    On April 14th, the Alpha Tau Omega Chapter on the University of Georgia Campus opened their yard to the 7th annual Tau Tug. The event featured a mud filled pit, a rope, and seven hundred people to pull on it. Teams of fifteen competed in bracket style competition for the Tau Tug Championship. Each team had to pay an entrance fee to participate, and of the proceeds went to the... Read More

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  • Cade-Johnson
    From Cancer Survivor to Cancer Researcher

    By Cade Johnson, Lamar '15

    When I was eleven, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX. I battled for several years before my chemotherapy regimen ended, and I still go back once a year for checkups.

    After I finished chemotherapy, I didn’t want to see the inside of a hospital again unless I absolutely had to. I hated cancer for the things it... Read More

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Brother Andy Schlichting obtained the highest mechanical engineering GPA as a sophomore this past school year. Congratulations! Read More
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Over the weekend of April 27-April 29 Brothers Litwicki, Franklin, and Kelly headed to National Guard Base - Camp Dodge in Iowa to attend a Marine Corps Officer Candidate School prep training weekend. They swapped the comforts of their own beds for racks in a squad bay, hot meals for MREs, professors for Sergeant Instructors, and a weekend's relaxation for a more physically and mentally demanding test. The training consisted of students from University of Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, MO State, and several others universities across the Midwest. Their leadership, physical, and mental capacities were tested and... Read More
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The brothers of ATO at SCU are pleased to announce that we have once again had a successful event alongside the wonderful people at Rebuilding Together, an organization dedicated to the voluntary repair of Bay Area residents' homes. Our brother Jesse Meeks is pictured here touching up a paint job on the residents' garage door. We look forward to restoring other homes in the future! #ATOLeads Read More
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