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  • Episode 1: Pomp 4 Purpose - Oklahoma State
    Welcome to one of the most exciting homecoming celebrations in the nation - Oklahoma State.

    Each year during homecoming; fraternities, sororities and campus organizations pair together to build enormous house decorations. They begin planning and designing months in advance, and then thousands of hours are dedicated to rolling up pieces of tissue paper to create the designs - a process known as “pomping”. This year, the Epsilon... Read More

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  • charles-jones
    Helping Others: Greeks 4 Kids

    By Charles Jones, UC-Santa Barbara '13

    Greeks 4 Kids was conceptualized with an older brother of my chapter, Carl Provenzano, during my freshman year. Carl and I realized that people can often be completely unaware of which cause their charitable event is donating its money, and where the money is actually going. That upset us, so we collaborated to create an organization of our own, with a mission to educate... Read More

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ATO and Pi Phi at Stetson University hosted an Awards Banquet to bring together the two Greek Organizations. During this time everyone ate delicious food, mingled, and handed out awards to celebrate the annual successes of the two organizations. Read More
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Our brother, Stephanos Alichos, presented his senior research to faculty, staff, and guests at Stetson University during one of the Gillespie's Science Cafes. He, along with two other Environmental Science Majors, answered questions from the crowd pertaining to the Sandhill Ecosystem and their senior research. Read More
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A brother at ATO, Stephanos Alichos, worked at the Gillespie Museum's Science Saturday helping children to learn about fossils, geology, and gem stones. Around fifty participants made their own clay imprint fossils, dug for miniature fossils, and participated in this learning experience. Read More
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